French styling: Scatter Collection

We at The Home Creators love all things French, french interiors, french cooking and of course... shoes! LOL
French styling in our home incorporates objects and ornaments to be displayed, showcasing your life, your loves. Decorative accents are essential in French decorating.

Display is en masse...and layered

This means when decorating in any french theme, provincial, farmhouse or even parisian; displaying objects is done thoughtfully with harmony in mind.
Objects can be dispalyed en masse from miniture to objects with height. Creating flow from top to bottom. 
The way French homes have embraced textiles in this manner of en masse and layering over centuries is to almost flaunt it, using textiles to showcase style, luxury and create an inviting environment. 
So why not try layering those scatters, we bet you're already doing this on your gorgeous bed setting already!

    So why not try using these scatters and create your home in the beautiful French way of.... luxe and comfort.

    We dive into this more in our membership (The Home Creators), however we hope we at Jole' Home in the mean time can offer you some beautiful soft furnishings to help you create that look your're after.
    Try mixing scatters in a variety of shapes and textures to create your full french look in 1 colour way. 
    Below we are selected 2 colour ways that can be introduced into any home:
    - Black and White
    - Cream and Neutrals



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