Creating your own show home bed

Ever wonder how show homes and hotels look so irresistible?... It's in their bedding!

Crisp wonderfully inviting ultra plush and sophisticated bedding is a look that anyone would want to replicate. Jole' Home are here to help you recreate the look and also offer some tips and tricks to help you master the show bed look.

First we look at the pieces you need.

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Duvet cover
  • 2 or 3 European pillows
  • 2 or 4 Oxford pillows
  • and... A scatter or 2!



These are especially sewn to fit tight around your mattress, most include an elasticated corner edge. Our fitted sheets are made with an extra deep gusset (wall) to accommodate mattresses with toppers.


A flat sheet is used between blankets or duvet covers which help with reducing the amount of times you'll need to launder bedding. These can also be used as the mattress unfitted version.


Simply a removable cover which is designed to protect your duvet from being soiled. Allowing you to change the look of your room in an instant.


These larger pillows are usually 65x65cm or 60x60cm and are used for resting pillows and are placed at the back of your bedding arrangement, creating a beautiful lush layered effect.


An Oxford pillowcase is simply a housewife pillowcase (50x75cm) with a flange (flat hem), around all 4 edges. We normally find 2 sets of these on show beds and we at Jole' Home recommend 2 sets too... We just love that extra comfort look. You can also get Oxford cases with 3 edges, which is more of a display case and is used as the front or top pillowcase.


These cushions usually vary in size and are commonly used as accent cushions, ideal for introducing color and design to a bed which may need a little added interest... Also great for tying a look or color in your room, such as a blanket on the end of your bed or boudoir seat. 


 To finish of the bed with a show bed look, this is where your personal taste and color play come into action. Here you can choose those final touches based on season, color preference and or that favorite piece.


This is a padded blanket perfect for additional warmth in winter or used alone during those hot summer nights. Jole' Home offer 100% cotton for those easy breathe options or even a seductive plump silk velvet coverlet perfect for a cost winter look.


Normally this blanket is that afternoon blanket that acts as a perfect afternoon nap cover  when you just need a shut eye and don't want to completely jump into bed. commonly placed at the foot of the bed as a runner or over the boudoir seat.


This last piece is not to be forgotten and is a perfect piece to finish off the bed and protect/cover what hides under your mattress. Known also as a bed skirt. The valance is designed to lay between the bed frame and mattress. When choosing your valance we always suggest simple is best to blend with the fitted sheet, however these can be decorative and made as the same fabric as the bed head or curtains.  




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