Jole' Home bed linen is made to Australian standard sizes. However we have also taken into consideration that many beds are larger and deeper than in the past, so we have increased some sizes..... just a little.

Below we have outlined the standard mattress and bedding sizes we work with at Jole' Home. If you have a different size requirement, always ask as we also do made to order. info@jolehomeretail.com


Bed Size Metric Measurements (cm) Imperial Measurements
Single Bed  92 cm x 187 cm 3'0" x 6'2" (36" x 74")
King Single 106 cm x 203 cm 3'6" x 6'8" (42" x 80")
Double Size 137 cm x 187 cm 4'6" x 6'2" (54"x 74")
Queen Size 153 cm x 203 cm 5'0" x 6'8" (60"x 80")
King Size 183 cm x 203 cm 6'0" x 6'8" (72" x 80")
Super King Size 203 cm x 203 cm 6'8" x 6'8" (80" x 80")


*Deeper walls on fitted sheet

 Pillow case
 Flat Sheet
 Fitted Sheet 
 96 x 76cm
 90 x 55 x 14cm
 60 x 40cm (1)
 170 x 115cm  
 143 x 75 x 30cm
 73 x 48cm (1)
 240 x 190cm
 190 x 90 x 40cm
 73 x 48cm (2) 
 240 x 235cm
 190 x 135 x 40cm
 73 x 48cm (2) 
 255 x 255cm
 205 x 155 x 40cm
 73 x 48cm (2) 
 255 x 280cm  
 205 x 180 x 40cm

*BASSINET fits Leander mattress and most cradles *COT fits BOORI Recommended Cot mattress and most porta cots 


 Pillow case Cover 
 COT  57 x 38cm (1)  140 x 100cm
 SINGLE  73 x 48cm (1)  210 x 140cm
 DOUBLE  73 x 48cm (2)  210 x 180cm
 QUEEN    73 x 48cm (2)   210 x 210cm
 KING   73 x 48cm (2)  210 x 240cm



SINGLE  193 x 91 x 36cm drop
DOUBLE  193 x 137 x 36cm drop
QUEEN  203 x 152 x 36cm drop
KING  203 x 182 x 36cm drop
**Deeper walls on Valance.


COT  100 x 100cm / 100 x 120cm
SINGLE/DOUBLE  160 x 250cm
DOUBLE/QUEEN 230 x 250cm, 240 x 260cm




Thread count determines the quality of material, indicated commonly by the number of threads/yarn, warp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise), is woven per 10 square centimeters. Though less expensive, low thread count sheets (less than 120) usually fell rougher and are more likely to wear through and rip. Higher thread counts (usually 300 and higher) are less prone to shrinkage and have a greater luster and strength whilst feeling soft, and get softer with each wash.


Our fabrics are sourced from mills which produce long-staple cotton that is spun into a smoother, stronger, finer yarn, allowing more threads per inch, resulting in a luxurious fabric used for Jole' Home bed linen.

Most of our cotton sheets are mercerized which is a process that helps plump the cotton fibers bringing out the silky drape, sateen sheen, the soft nap of cotton, enhancing both the feel of the fabric and the quality of the weave.

Jole' Home also offer Percale sheet sets. This type of material is a slightly tighter than the normal materials we use for bed linen. It is medium in weight, with no gloss and washes very well. Our cotton percale sheet sets are made from combed yarns and is less likely to produce fluff or bobbling, yet still offer that percale crisp feel.

Mongolian Cashmere / Wool

Wool of Inner Mongolia is considered to be ‘fibre diamond' in the world of textiles.......Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world who have the cashmere goats. These goats produce what is considered the finest wool in the world.

The indigenous Mongolian Cashmere goat on average yields cashmere fibers which are 14-16 microns in diameter and lengths reaching 38-43mm. This in turn places Mongolian cashmere at top place in the world in terms of quality.

Some reasons for its high quality are due to the climate these Mongolian goats' lives in. The variety of plants, the severity of the winter climate and the breeding, all contribute to the softness, warmness and fineness of pure Mongolian cashmere wool.

CARE - Cashmere is the finest rare fiber in the world, so caring for these items is a little more than just washing in a machine. Cashmere should be hand washed in luke warm water with soap flakes or liquid soap. Do not twist or rub the piece as this may cause pilling. After washing rinse the piece with cool water ensuring all soap has been washed out. Wring the piece gently to get rid of excess water. Leave the piece to dry naturally out of direct sunlight or heat. Once dry you can iron lightly on a cool setting using a damp cloth or steam.Following these instructions will ensure your piece of luxury will last for many years to come......... enjoy.



Jole' Home product is all about quality and care. We want to give you value for money by supplying a product that is guaranteed to last with simple care.
Jole' Home recommend washing your bed sheets and duvet covers at least once a week; this will ensure that your bed linen continues to look vibrant, and avoid any discolouration. To protect your fabric's colours and any bed linen features, we suggest washing your bed linen inside out. Always wash separately from dark colours in cool or warm water (we don‘t recommend hot water, as this causes fabric to shrink). Jole' Home suggest using a detergent which is free from bleaching agents and whiteners, as these can cause damage to fabric and colours to fade. Always follow instructions provided on your item for care and on your detergent pack.

If you prefer your bed linen with minimal creases, we suggest a simple yet effective method. Take the bed linen out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished (never leave it sitting for too long), preferably hang to dry on the line or you can dry flat, this will discourage creases. Remember 100% Pure Cotton will crease, unlike many man made fabrics. However, with time the Cotton fabric will soften and creasing will reduce. Another effective option is to use a tumble dryer (on warm setting). Do not over dry and always remove it promptly to reduce creasing.

We don't all iron our bed linen, but to keep it looking smart Jole' Home suggest ironing your linen when it is still lightly damp. Completely dry fabrics are always harder to iron. Just another tip, should you want the ‘ironed look', you can simply iron the Flat sheet top fold, and the pillow cases. When ironing, ensure you iron from the corner inward, this alleviates corner creasing.



Woman's - Fashion Clothing      
BUST  84 - 86cm  90cm  95 - 100cm  
WAIST  67 - 70cm  74cm  79 - 84cm  
HIP  93 - 95cm  99cm  104 - 109cm   
Men's -  Tops        
  S M L XL
Chest (cm) 87 - 92cm 97 102 - 105cm 107
Kids' 1-6 - Tops       
  1 to 2 years 2 to 5 years 6 to 10 years  
Height (cm) 80 - 89 89 - 110 120  
Chest (cm) 50 - 54 54 - 58 58  
Waist (cm) 51 - 53 53 - 55 56  


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