Mongolian Cashmere

 Wool of Inner Mongolia is considered to be ‘fibre diamond’ in the world of  textiles.
A cashmere garment drapes well and has a natural shine.
Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world who have the cashmere goats.
These goats produce what is considered the finest wool in the world.

Our made to order pieces in Mongolian wool, come packaged in a silk covered embossed box which you can keep to house your cashmere when you wish to put it away safely. Our packaging is made to remind you of the quality of the product you have purchased. Made with care and provided as an item to last for generations. This piece is a perfect gift to anyone who deserves pure luxury at an affordable price.

Delivery time on these items are approximately 3-4 weeks. Do contact us if you require your item quicker. SEE OUR COLOUR OPTIONS HERE

We can make piece of luxury in other sizes if you require, please contact us via email for a quote.

The indigenous Mongolian Cashmere goat are individually combed by hand in spring when they shed their winter hair. As only the fine under-down is used for Cashmere yarn, it has to separated from the coarse outer hair. About 125 grams of this fine hair can be collected from each goat each season. On average these goats yield cashmere fibres which are 14-16 microns in diameter and lengths reaching 38-43mm. This in turn places Mongolian cashmere at top place in the world in terms of quality. The finest Cashmere comes from the mountainous areas near Gobi Desert in China. Some reasons for its high quality are due to the climate these Mongolian goats’ live in. The variety of plants, the severity of the winter climate and the breeding, all  contribute to the softness, warmness and fineness of pure Mongolian cashmere wool. It gives warmth and yet is highly anti-humid.

Please note that being an item made from cashmere wool slight variations can occur in the colour, especially on lighter colours. This is due to the natural darker colouring of the Mongolian goats and the need to ensure that our products are kept as chemical free as possible.
Our yarns are ANTI PILL qualified, however all natural fibre yarns will have some point where they may pill. Our cashmere pieces are made from fibres which are within the micron diameter and length, which ensures an A grade quality.


Cashmere is the finest rare fiber in the world, so caring for these items is a little more than just washing in a Machine. Cashmere should be hand washed in luke warm water with soap flakes or liquid soap. Do not twist or rub the piece as this may cause pilling. After washing rinse the piece with cool water ensuring all soap has been washed out. Wring the piece gently to get rid of excess water. Leave the piece to dry naturally out of direct sunlight or heat. Once dry you can iron lightly on a cool setting using a damp cloth or steam.

Following these instructions will ensure your piece of luxury will last for many years to come......... enjoy.

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Our cashmere items can be packaged in various embossed boxes for safe keeping, with an enclosed message and  details of how to care for your piece of luxury.


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