Here at Jole' Home, we are proud to introduce online to all clients, our Rug Service. 

If you are requiring a rug or need to finish off that space with a rug, that you feel needs that special touch, please contact us. We have been producing rugs for clients for many years and with great success, have now been able to offer these services to our online clients at affordable prices. 

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a. JCNR Co P/L Lurex Loop technique
b. Carving technique

Our sourced materials are always of the highest quality and dying processes. Most cases we use 100% New Zealand wool, however can always adjust material based on your requirements. 

Techniques also include;

  • Hand Tufted 
This technique requires the technician to thread by hand each woollen yarn through a needle apparatus and punch through a specific area of the rug repeatedly based on the design. 
  • Hand Carving
This technique is used to create a textured and affect on an an overall design, highlighting areas of a rugs specific design. The technician usually achieves this through hand carving with the use of a very sharp knife and many years of experience.
  • Lurex Looping
A technique we at JCNR Co Pty Ltd are proud to have achieved with the use of many years of experience and working relationships with our rug technicians. This technique requires time and patience using a yarn of wool and braiding high quality lurex around this piece of wool, finally looping each piece once braided and then apply it to the rugs design by hand.  Only our experienced technicians and trade buyers have been able to achieve this due to their high level of workmanship and ability to source high grade lurex which will support the longevity of our specialty made rugs.
Whilst our technicians use a number of techniques, the above are not limited to, however are certainly the most popular to the achieve the most specialised look and feel for a luxury piece that will last generation to generation


Do enquire now with us direct at info@jolehomeretail.com or select the CONTACT US button at the bottom of this page. 




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