Take Care

Jole' Home product is all about quality and care. We want to give you value for money by supplying a product that is guaranteed to last with simple care.

Jole' Home recommend washing your bed sheets and duvet covers at least once a week; this will ensure that your bed linen continues to look vibrant, and avoid any discolouration. To protect your fabric's colours and any bed linen features, we suggest washing your bed linen inside out. Always wash separately from dark colours in cool or warm water (we don‘t recommend hot water, as this causes fabric to shrink). Jole' Home suggest using a detergent which is free from bleaching agents and whiteners, as these can cause damage to fabric and colours to fade. Always follow instructions provided on your item for care and on your detergent pack.

If you prefer your bed linen with minimal creases, we suggest a simple yet effective method. Take the bed linen out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished (never leave it sitting for too long), preferably hang to dry on the line or you can dry flat, this will discourage creases. Remember 100% Pure Cotton will crease, unlike many man made fabrics. However, with time the Cotton fabric will soften and creasing will reduce. Another effective option is to use a tumble dryer (on warm setting). Do not over dry and always remove it promptly to reduce creasing.

We don't all iron our bed linen, but to keep it looking smart Jole' Home suggest ironing your linen when it is still slightly damp. Completely dry fabrics are always harder to iron. Just another tip, should you want the ‘ironed look', you can simply iron the Flat sheet top fold, and the pillow cases. When ironing, ensure you iron from the corner inward, this alleviates corner creasing.



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