Cashmere blanket in Taupe
Cashmere Blanket Taupe (in stock)
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Cashmere Blanket Taupe (in stock)

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Wool of Inner Mongolia is considered to be ‘fibre diamond’ in the world of  textiles.
Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world who have the cashmere goats. These goats produce what is considered the finest wool in the world.

Our made to order pieces in Mongolian wool come packaged in a silk covered embossed box which you can keep to house your cashmere when you wish to put it away safely. Our packaging is made to remind you of the quality of the product you have purchased. Made with care and provided as an item to last for generations. This piece is a perfect gift to anyone who deserves pure luxury at an affordable price.

Size: 130 x 170cm

We can make in other sizes and pieces if you require so please contact us via email for a quote.

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